Staying Safe & Healthy - COVID 19 Update from Well Woman Clinic

The Well Woman Clinic would like to thank the Freetown City Council (FCC), the Izelia Fashion House mask-up campaign, and Hematology and Cancer Untold (HACU) organisation for making sure the Clinic stays open during this difficult period.

FCC provided the Clinic with Veronica / Wash buckets to encourage frequent handwashing as part of the measures to contain coronavirus/ COVID-19. They also provided 29 bottles of liquid soap, tissue papers and a booklet on how to stay safe.

HACU through the Izelia mask-up campaign, provided the Clinic with 300 masks for all patients and staff members including cancer patients and pregnant women.

We recognise that there is always demand for our services and ensure the services we provide are provided in a safe and sustainable manner. The Clinic remains open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-2pm.

Thank you again to all our staff, partners, supporters and those in the care sector across Sierra Leone who are working tirelessly to ensure Sierra Leone beats the virus.

We urge you to follow government guidance, stay safe and healthy.

All the best

Jennifer Renner-Thomas

The Well Woman Clinic







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