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Free, safe, quality antenatal service and postnatal kits distribution

The Well Woman Clinic (MEPS Trust) provides free, safe, quality antenatal service and distributes 35 postnatal kits to new mothers donated by their US partner, Hematology And Cancer Untold (HACU

On Wednesday 10th June 2020 the Well Woman Clinic (MEPS Trust) distributed 35 postpartum kits to women who attended the Clinic's antenatal clinic and who have now delivered healthy babies under their project "Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby," funded by Heineken Africa Foundation.

The Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby project ensures that up to 20,000 patients are catered for at the Clinic.

Pregnant women are given the Government's full basic ANC package, 2-3 ultrasounds each, STI/HIV screening as well as treatment all free of charge.

A Postnatal health care facility is also provided and includes family planning and the monitoring of mothers and babies for up to 42 days after birth, all free of charge.

A free mobile ultrasound clinic allows pregnant women in rural areas (Sussex and Waterloo) to be screened 2-3 times during pregnancy for early warning signs of abnormalities.

So far the statistics from the Clinic are encouraging with 100% maternal and fetal survival.

Mrs. Imodale Caulker Burnett, chairman of the Trust, congratulated the mothers as she handed over the postpartum kits.

Our appreciation goes to our partners Haematology And Cancer Untold (HACU) for providing the postpartum kits; to Heineken Africa Foundation for sponsoring the project; to the Ministry of Health especially the western area District Management Team (DMT) for providing us the full antenatal clinic package for pregnant women; to our partners in Waterloo and Sussex and to the delivery hospitals and clinics in the western area.

We remain committed to the Government's agenda of reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the country even during this challenging period of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Our Motto: We Care Throughout The Year.

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