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MEPS Trust Well Women Clinic 2018 Fun Sponsored WALK-RUN-RIDE for LIFE

Fundraising and Breast Cancer Awareness sponsored by Africell and Sierra Rutile


Once again, it’s time for the Well Woman Clinic’s annual Sponsored walk along Lumley Beach to raise awareness about breast cancer and, we hope, to raise sufficient funds to allow access to the clinic by underprivileged women. Last year, 1,374 women and men received free access to the Clinic’s services. As usual, since breast cancer is no respecter of age, gender, race or religious belief, the event is a Sponsored Family Fun Walk-Run-Cycle. Our theme remains the same:


The main focus of our fundraising efforts last year was acquiring a mammogram machine for the Well Woman Clinic. We are continuing this activity but with a wider perspective. We estimate that the cost and installation of the mammogram will be approximately $150,000. Since we cannot wait for the mammogram while women continue to suffer, we are also channeling our efforts towards reducing the turn-around period from first presentation to diagnosis from 2-4 months to 2- 4 weeks. In this way treatment will start earlier, reducing stress for those suspected of having breast cancer.

Fundraising for the mammogram is ongoing, so please visit our GoFundMe appeal. So far, we have raised $23,000 with your help, and the assistance of collaborators such as the Haematology and Cancer Untold (HACU) group in the USA who raised and donated $10,000. We received support from other organizations that support our goals —the Jestina V Jones foundation, Freetown; Siatta Swaray (a survivor), USA; Caritas Freetown; African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association (AWCAA), USA; JobSearch, Sierra Leone; Women Mean Business, Sierra Leone; Balani & Sons Ltd, Sierra Leone; Warehouse by Evoque, Freetown; Women inspired to lead and learn, Sierra Leone; and On Your Bike (OYB), Sierra Leone.

Our statistics this year show that 47% of those who accessed the Clinic had abnormal breasts of which 4% were diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of fear, cultural reasons, lack of affordability, or sadly, a combination of all, some women did not return to the Clinic after being sent for diagnosis. The graph below captures the percentage between normal and abnormal breasts of women who accessed the Clinic and those diagnosed with breast cancer over a period of 3 years (2015-2017).

Our Clinic would like to capture all women and see them through the process from the moment they enter the Clinic to their final diagnosis and beyond. We also would like to see this period reduced from 3-4 months to 3-4 weeks. We also would like many more women to be breast aware. We therefore spend a lot of time raising awareness of the disease and advocating for better diagnostic facilities and treatment.

Why don’t you join us in trying to make this possible. Register now for the Sponsored Walk, buy your fun items and have a fun-filled day as we commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month and raise funds for the underprivileged. Registeration details in the flyer above.

We thank all our sponsors who donated in cash and kind last year and all those who took part in the Walk. Our special thanks go to the Africell team, UNFPA, G4S and Rokel Commercial Bank. We thank the chairman, Edleen Elba and members of Awareness and Fundraising team and the indefatigable members of staff of the Well Woman Clinic.

We look forward to continued collaboration. This year, our main sponsors are Africell, AYV, G4S and Sierra Rutile. Please help us save lives by joining the Walk- Run-Ride for Life.

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