The Well Woman Clinic acknowledges with gratitude the kind gesture of the JVJ Memorial Fund

On Friday 16th March 2018 the chairman and members of the Jestina V. Jones (JVJ) Memorial Fund, presented a cheque for the sum of two million Leones towards the screening of 20 new cases for breast cancer and diabetes, 2 cases for ultrasound screening with some follow-up visits. Mrs. Jestina V Jones who was also a diabetic patient, lost her battle to breast cancer on 29th July 2013 at age 71 years. This is the third donation the Clinic has received from the JVJ memorial Fund. MEPS Trust would like to extend its appreciation to the establishment for partnering with them in ensuring that marginalized women can access the Clinic for breast cancer and diabetes screening.

Since Jestina’s death the JVJ memorial Fund has since embarked on 2 scholarships namely: The Jestina V.Jones Athletic Scholarship. This Project was established to provide full scholarship for two Annie Walsh Memorial School girls, at a time, who demonstrate ability to compete in local, regional and / or international athletic competitions. Currently, consideration is being given to extend the Scholarship to other female secondary schools. The Scholarship covers tuition, books, uniforms, appropriate sport shoes and/or equipment and any registration fees for sports activities within Sierra Leone and beyond; and The Jestina V. Jones Breast Screening Program. This Project was established to provide free breast screening and counseling. The goal of this Project is to sponsor, in batches, up to seventy-one (71) or more Less fortunate/Low Income Women (but men are not excluded) with a grant that will cover all fees that come with first breast examination and Ultrasound (if needed) including mandatory counseling at the Well Woman Clinic in Freetown established by the Melvine Edith Patricia Stuart Trust (MEPS Trust) in March 2006 on the anniversary of death of Melvine Stuart and Valerie Nicol. The Well Woman Clinic which has now become a household name in Freetown, works with the ministry of health and the community to provide health services such as breast and cervical cancer screening, obstetrics and gynaecology, maternal health care, counselling and wellness care for underprivileged women in Sierra Leone.







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Early Detection 
Saves Lives

Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. There are two major components of early detection of cancer: education to promote early diagnosis and screening.

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