Well Woman Family Fun Walk | October 2017

How time flies! Another year has gone by and once again, it is time for our Sponsored Walk along Lumley Beach to raise awareness about breast cancer. It is a Family Walk, this time; no one is excluded since breast cancer is no respecter of age, gender, race, or religious belief. The main focus of our current fundraising efforts is acquiring a mammogram machine for the Well Woman Clinic. To illustrate the importance of this project, a few months ago, a friend and supporter of the Clinic reported a lump in her breast as soon as she discovered it. This was just a few weeks before she was due to travel abroad, and she had already scheduled a series of routine health checks. While she congratulated herself for reporting the lump as soon as she found it, she was also cross with herself for not having had a mammogram for three years. Indeed, the tests she had later revealed that the cancer had existed for quite a while - fortunately, a slow growing tumour, still confined to her breast. A mammogram is an an x-ray that allows a specialist to examine breast tissue and spot any suspicious areas. It is administered routinely to screen symptom-free women, but is also a useful diagnostic tool when women present with signs and symptoms of cancer, such as: lumps; breast pain; nipple discharge; thickening of skin on the breast; changes in the size or shape of the breast. We remain optimistic about our friend’s health but feel that if we don’t succeed in acquiring a mammogram, the Clinic will continue to fail the thousands of other women who come to us for help. Please help us save lives.







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Early Detection 
Saves Lives

Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. There are two major components of early detection of cancer: education to promote early diagnosis and screening.

Find out more on the World Health Organisation website. 

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